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🔖 Naming Conventions

Communication Types

AlertWhat people get/see when an on-chain event is triggered (and a message is received/sent)
MessageA Communication sent from a registered Organization

General Terms

NotificationConfigurations on the Hermes Protocol platform
Alert embedDiscord / Telegram's text boxes, which include the alert/message content
Notification CardWhat users see on the webapp when a Notification is created
SubscriptionWhen people sign-up to a Contact Lists from a Organization

Business Terms

AccountUser credentials which can be a Member of one or more organizations
OrganizationProject or Company which has a Brand and one or more Members
MemberAccount which has some level of access to an Organization
Broadcast CommunicationProcess of sending messages or notifications to a large audience simultaneously. These communications are generally informative or promotional in nature, and are intended to reach as many users as possible within the target audience.
Transactional ComunicationTo personalized, event-driven messages sent to users, typically triggered by specific actions or events within a web3 platform. These communications are crucial for keeping users informed about relevant updates, such as transaction confirmations, account changes, or security alerts.
Contact ListCollections of user contacts that businesses can create and manage within the platform. These lists facilitate targeted, personalized communications by grouping users based on specific attributes or criteria.
CampaignMessages sent from businesses to their users based on a specific contact List. This notifications are from the broadcast communication type
TemplateCustomized messages sent individually to users ...